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A wash

September 27, 2009

We had our Sewing Rebellion meeting today with a super small crowd. Only a few folks showed up, and most of them were newcomers. In all fairness, it was raining, a Jewish holiday, and in Williamsburg (an hour commute from the Gowanus meeting place I met so many of you at). I’m gonna post a link soon, to a survey that will hopefully figure out how to make it easier for people to swing by next time.

Until then, happy sewing, and send along any proud creations for us to post. For serious!


This just in: September Sewing Rebellion

September 18, 2009


About to send out a mass email telling everyone on the list that September’s Sewing Rebellion meeting will take place on Sunday, Sept. 27th, 3pm-6pm at Spacecraft. The wonderful folks at this Williamsburg venue/shop have kindly offered to host us.

Here are the details: The space has tables but no sewing machines, so I’ll try to lug mine and it would be great if  few other people with machines can schlep them. Perhaps we can organize a carpool? Kids are welcome, and there is even a space for smaller varieties to hang out and play. Spacecraft is located at:

355 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn                                                                         (M/J train to Marcy Ave, L to Bedford)

See you there!

P.S. For those of you who want to check out the space, or can’t make it next Sunday, the Church of Craft is meeting there on Monday 9/21 from 6-9pm. Rev. Callie is super cool and the meetings are open to all.


September 18, 2009


Or, if you’d rather stay home and sew, try this great instructable on how to make an oversized button down shirt into a cute dress. Thank you emattrose!


September 18, 2009

This just popped in my inbox, and since we’re still working on a space for next weekend, I thought I’d pass it along so your hands don’t get stiff for lack of a needle.

Saturday, September 19 • Freegan Sewing Workshop
Learn how to turn found fabrics into clothing, make and repair your own clothes. If you have sewing skills, please come share them! For more info call Jason: (610) 764 7587. NOT open to media.

When and Where?

From 3-7pm at the 123 Community Space at 123 Tompkins Ave. in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Take the G to Myrtle-Willoughby (or the J/M/Z to Myrtle, but that is a longer walk).

This is the LAST sewing workshop before the 123 Community Space closes and we have to find a new home… come join us!

Foot Challenge

September 8, 2009



HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FOOT? This foot was brought to the August Sewing Rebellion meeting, and I was at a loss as to what it’s used for. If you can tell us what this tiny machine does, you will be named head sewing genius extraordinaire.

August Sewing Rebellion

September 8, 2009


August was an amazing Sewing Rebellion meeting in Williamsburg. We teemed up with The Fixers’ Collective and Resistor Space (both of Brooklyn) to put on Get Yr Fix, a mega mending, fixing, music playing, sunshine getting event. More photos can be found on flicker. We are super excited for September’s meeting, location TBA (though I’ll give you a hint, if everything works out we will have sewing machines and a scrap fabric box at our disposal courtesy of our awesome hosts). We’ll let you know as soon as September date and place are set in stone.