Foot Challenge



HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FOOT? This foot was brought to the August Sewing Rebellion meeting, and I was at a loss as to what it’s used for. If you can tell us what this tiny machine does, you will be named head sewing genius extraordinaire.


3 Responses to “Foot Challenge”

  1. molly Says:

    can we get a top view? birds eye? I got some ideas….

  2. StitchTart Says:

    It’s a ruffler! The small slots in the top determine how many cogs on the wheel will be skipped before another tuck/ruffle is made. The star slot I believe makes a gathered seam. The fabric on top gets ruffled. The circle with marks on the side determines how deep the ruffle is. There are small slotted guides on the left that hold additional flat trims to be sewn on the top of the ruffle. If there’s fabric underneath the ruffle material, it will stay flat.

  3. sewingrebellionnyc Says:

    Prize to StitchTart!!! What a great invention. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something to ruffle.

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