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sewing rebellion november- winter mending!

November 22, 2009

after a few bumpy months, sewing rebellion brooklyn’s november meeting was a success: winter mending was achieved by many, coats got new buttons, and a unidentified cozy garment came into the world!

the key for this session was wearability: the aforementioned coats will no longer drive their owners insane with boredom, an original custom tailored garment from ghana was taken out to allow its owner to continue to enjoy it, and a dress started the journey from one-time party outfit to comfy staple.

see the photos and revel in winter fashion! renewing and reworking is year-round with sewing skills!

this is doreen’s altered top, taken out to fit her, with a detail of the seam she reworked.

here is a coat with new buttons for the front and the cuffs, selected to mirror each other but not match. i will learn to fine-focus my camera soon.

join us dec 20th for more mending and creations!


Street art

November 4, 2009


I love exploring the never ending overlaps between wearable art, public art and fine art. This image appeared in my inbox this morning, courtesy of the Wooster Collective and worldwarwon. The artist writes “The orange scribble has been there for some time but the needle was recently added.”

Thread Challenge

November 3, 2009


I recently had a classroom full of students trying to thread needles, and it occured to me that threading a needle and tying a knot at the end is possibly the most difficult part of sewing. Now, I’m a big fan of “needling the thread,” that is, holding the thread steady between two fingers and passing the eye of the needle over it, instead of the other way around, but I will also admit to being a long time sewer who still makes little two-handed knots at the end of the thread like I’m tying my shoes. I had a teacher once who could tie the knot at the end like magic, twisting the thread around a finger without even looking and coming out with a perfect knot. I’m interested what you all think is the best way to prep a needle and thread for sewing. Any tips or advice? I gotta learn to tie a proper knot someday.

November Meeting!

November 1, 2009


Our November SR meeting will be held at Spacecraft (355 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211) on Sunday, November 15th from 4-6:30pm. We hope to see our long-lost friends, as well as any sewing machines you can schlep. We have a new project from Frau, who also sent us our very own SRNYC patches! Also, please please take the survey. It’s the best way to make sure your voice is heard and we best accomodate everyone’s wishes as we pin down a permanent meeting place and time.

Thanks folks!