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2010! (a whole new decade of awesome)

December 30, 2009

We want to wish you all a happy new year, and remind you that Sewing Rebellion NY will continue meeting at:

Spacecraft (355 bedford avenue, between south 4th and south 5th streets/williamsburg bridge) in the new year.
To get there take the J train to Marcy Avenue, the L to Beford Ave., or any bus that goes to the williamsburg bridge plaza.

Our next meeting is January 17th
from 4 – 6:30p.m.

We’ll have projects, patches, and help with what ails you, be it a busted seam, a lost button, or a dress that looked cool in the 80s but needs a serious update. If you have a particularly daunting task (say, constructing a ball gown from scratch), give a heads up and we’ll make sure to have drafting and draping books there for you to use. Our major new years resolution is to gather sewing machines (spacecraft will let us keep them there), so we can teach anyone and everyone to use them. Knowing how to make and fix clothes should be a right, not a privilege!


pop quiz! what am i wearing?

December 14, 2009

well, it’s easy, really.

i am wearing a ridiculous, uncategorizable garment┬áthat i made at last month’s sewing rebellion.

don’t i look psyched?

well, never fear, lovely readers. i come in peace, to remind you about december’s sewing rebellion at spacecraft in williamsburg (355 bedford ave, between south 4th and south 5th), from 4-6:30 pm.

come and make fabulous stuff! or not so fabulous stuff…as per the picture, we clearly don’t discriminate on the basis of fabulousness. tedious winter mending, perfecting a party outfit, making a present, or bringing some half-baked fashion idea to fruition with mixed results…it’s all fair game.

of course, we can’t make any gaurantees, but our friendly, helpful, mutually supportive attendees will try to keep you and your project firmly in “fabulous” territory.

patterns and patches are available to those who don’t have a project, or if you just want to drop by and see what it’s all about and maybe…just maybe…end up making something awesome.

hope to see you there!