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Greenpoint Gazette

February 6, 2010

Click on the link to read an article by Talisa Chang about SR-NYC!! Amelia represents!


February SR Meeting

February 6, 2010

We’re keeping at it despite snow and slush. February’s SR meeting will be at Spacecraft (355 Bedford ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) on Sunday, Feb. 21st from 4-6:30 pm.

We don’t have a specific project for this meeting yet, though some suggestions include:

1. mending lingerie

2. scandalous alterations

3. general help with anything you bring us (think “the Apple Store help desk of sewing projects”)

Let us know what you’ve been longing to learn!

update. this just in from Frau:

“Continuing on the topic of getting to know your body, this month’s Sewing Rebellion will focus on how to draft a front and back sloper.  A sloper is a pattern of your body, which is then used to create original patterns tailor made for you!”

That said, we’ll be there to help you with your projects, sloper related or not. 🙂 Though honestly, making slopers is a great project. I’ve had my slopers since college, and they are the most valuable clothes-making tool around.