March Madness!

hi all sewing rebels,
here it is march, almost spring, and it’s time for the march installment of sewing rebellion. yay!
as usual, we will meet the third sunday of the month:

march 21st

4-6:30 pm
spacecraft brooklyn
355 bedford ave
between south 4th and south 5th streets/one block north of the williamsburg bridge

take any bus to the williamsburg bridge plaza, the j train to marcy ave or the l to bedford ave.

sewing people of all types will be in residence to help you out or give you ideas or make you think of more questions to ask…butcher and ressurect old garments, make new ones, or lovingly mend special ones. there may even be some free stuff around….people do tend to clean out their closets and/or piles of stuff they meant to sew/mend in anticipation of spring.
the apple help desk of sewing, or the reference library desk of sewing, or whatever you want to think of it as, it open!
see you all there…

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