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Williamsburg Walks!

June 26, 2010

Hi folks. Quick post to let you know that SR will be at Williamsburg Walks tomorrow, set up at a table on Bedford Ave in front of Spacecraft. We’ll be making (and helping anyone who wants to make) Frankenclothes (Amelia’s Invention, where you take two garments you don’t want or don’t wear and cut and stitch them to make one garment you do). We’ll be sharing space with the wonderful Bags for the People and Church of Craft, and there are lots of sewing machines, so come on out, stroll the car-less streets, bask in the sun, and SEW SOMETHING!


June Meeting (It’s summer!!!!)

June 4, 2010

It’s summer!! So break out out last year’s clothes and prepare to make them much, much, shorter. Summer is my favorite time in NY, mostly because of the free concerts, rooftop films, and the slight feeling of crazy/giddy when New Yorkers emerge from yet another winter. The one thing that I admit is rough in summertime (ok, two things, I know about the smell) is that it’s hot. But hot can be remedied. Just cut up those spring clothes you didn’t wear and MAKE them into summer clothes.Trust me, it will feel cathartic.

On Sunday, June 20th we’ll be at Spacecraft as always, from 4-6:30 pm. Come join us, we may even spend this meeting sewing in the backyard.

Made in May

June 4, 2010

May SR was a collective lesson in how to successfully and creatively use “un-usable” clothing. One scarf with moth holes can, for example, become trim for shorts (which had been pants), material for an entire purse, and enough left over to keep as a much shorter scarf, this one with no holes. VERY impressive. Inspired, I took a mesh top (which wan’t even mine, so don’t start down the “why do you own a mesh top” path), and used it to trim and decorate a purse. The purse came out  well, if I do say so myself, and lord knows I don’t need another bag, so we donated it to our lovely hosts at Spacecraft.