July Sewing News

hello sewing rebellioneers,
We hope to see you all at sewing rebellion july! hosted by our lovely friends at spacecraft brooklyn, as usual.
We also have some NEWS for y’all:
1. We have sewing machines!!! Thanks to the amazing help of Spacecraft, Singer Sewing Co. has donated 3, count’em 3, new electronic sewing machines to the SR cause, which will be available for you all to use. These machines WAY out-gadget my home sewing machine as far as what they are capable of, but they are also very easy to use and straightforward for beginners. Thank you Singer, we owe you a drink!
2. One of our co-organizers, amelia, will be leaving nyc in august and transforming into our intrepid travelling sewing correspondent. this is a great opportunity for us to expand our use of the SR blog as well as to look more at various possible projects, patterns, and also at the interface between sewing and fixing. So, stay tuned and check back here for updates, news and ideas from around the country.
3. Now, that said, we also need something from you all. we’re hoping that someone from our sewing rebellion community will step up to help organize our monthly gatherings with the fabulous maya, as well as to collaborate on events, projects, etc. This is a pretty low-impact gig. It involves basically two emails a month, checking and posting on the blog, and being present at monthly gatherings to hang out, sew and be a welcoming and supportive presence. There is no need to commit to all monthly sewing rebellions, as we tend to trade off and be flexible as our schedules permit. Please respond to us at sewingrebellionnyc@gmail.com if you can help or want to know more about hosting/coordinating sewing rebellion so that all can continue to enjoy it. Or, feel free to talk to us this month in person at the SR meeting.

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