August (un)mending

August snuck up on me this year. It’s cooler than July, which is odd, and the city seems quieter somehow before the imminent return of “the students”. Most importantly, Joetta Maue’s embroidery class at the wonderful Textile Arts Center has ended, which means I’m sitting at home stitching by myself instead of in a group of awesome people, surrounded by inspiration and conversation. Which sort of sucks for someone, like me, who works much better in a group. How apt then, that this month’s project (“Celebrate your mend”) comes direct from embroidery and some good old fashioned social hand-stitching. This month we are celebrating the holes that moths or dry rot or sharp objects leave in garments. We are calling attention to them, showing our imperfections and reveling in the history of much-loved garments that have some battle scars. Like us, I guess. The directions are available in PDF form on the projects page for those who want to follow along at home, and for those of you who come out to Spacecraft on August 15th, we’ll have some snacks, and some sewing machines, thread, lots of conversation, and possibly a bit of inspiration.


2 Responses to “August (un)mending”

  1. Erin Says:

    do you just arrive at Spacecraft for the Sewing Rebellion or do you need to RSVP on something like Meetup?

    Erin 🙂

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