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And a happy new year

December 29, 2010

There are various traditions that, as a South American person, I’m required to perform on new years eve. There are too many to actually carry out every year, but three that I make sure never to forget are:

1. Eat 12 grapes (out of your champagne glass) at the stroke of midnight

2. Wear yellow underwear

3. Get rid of old clothes

Now, the third tradition is a bit more complicated than it may seem. You take clothing you no longer wear, or is worn out, and you construct an effigy into the stomach of which you place a lot of firecrackers, which you use to blow the whole thing up on New Years Eve. It signifies “out with the old, in with the new,” more or less. A few years ago one of these caught a building on fire in downtown Lima, which caught more buildings on fire, which resulted in a pretty large-scale disaster, and they’ve since been banned by the government. So instead I suggest simply donating your clothing to a good cause, repairing those items you wish to keep but no longer wear due to the holes, and possibly joining us at Textile Arts Center on the first Thursday of the year (6:30 pm).

Also, make sure to wear yellow underwear. I’m not joking, don’t mess with the fates.

What are your traditions? Are there any involving clothes?


winter updates (update)

December 15, 2010

Hi all, Rebecca has graciously offered her home for us to meet in. The address is 237 south 4th st. apt 2a. There’s no buzzer, so give her a call when you arrive at (203) 536-0504. We’ll still be meeting from 4-6:30, and we’ll have 1 working sewing machine, which she says folks are welcome to use, and one broken sewing machine, which we’ll be attempting to fix. So come with hand needles or the desire to figure out how to fix a sewing machine. 🙂 and anyone who is down to host January (at Spacecraft) let me know. Thanks Rebecca.

Winter updates

December 15, 2010

I learned two important lessons during November Sewing Rebellion. #1: If you just stick with something long enough (like, oh, a year) lots of wonderful people will eventually find you. #2: If you take pictures on your phone and say you’ll email them to yourself later you exponentially increase the chance that your phone will break before you do. So this post is a request for those of you who come to SR to take pictures and send them to me at so we can get some pics up on this blog! (because I’m obviously sort of inept here.)

In other news, Spacecraft will be having an awesome auction this Sunday, December 19th, so SR needs to find another locale to meet this month. Anyone who wants to volunteer a space, ideally nearby, just let me know (I’ll post an update on this blog if someone volunteers). Or just go to the auction; Spacecraft supports us wholeheartedly, and I wouldn’t mind throwing some support back their way.

On to January. I’ll be at my students’ gallery opening on Jan 16th, and can’t host SR at Spacecraft. Is anyone available to play host? The ladies at Spacecraft are super nice, and all it takes is bringing some sewing machines up from the basement, plugging them in, and welcoming newcomers. If no one can host, I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel this one. But have no fear! If we have to cancel January SR we can still get through winter without too many holes in our socks. As of January 2011, Sewing Rebellion NYC and the Textile Arts Center are teaming up to bring you The Mending Circle. SR is about being creative and sewing anything and everything under the sun, which is basically what we do at our Spacecraft meetings. But I’ll admit, sometimes I just want to chill out and do some mending, and that’s the idea with this new event. TAC & SR will host this drop in event on the first Thursday evening of every month. They have tables to hand sew comfortably, sewing machines, and a super beautiful studio. It’s about making space in your life to mend your energy, your creative spirit, your overdrive NY life, and probably your shirt or your socks. I for one am really looking forward to it, and hope to see some people who came to the last event SR participated in at TAC, but don’t really want to hike all the way to the ‘burg. I understand folks, it’s like an hour on the subway from where I live.

So that’s our winter news roundup. Send along those pictures, volunteer to host an SR meeting, or just send us holiday love and blog comments until we meet again. Oh, and I’ll take socks for Christmas gifts thank you, I’m sorta running low. 😉