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The launch of a mending circle

January 7, 2011

The first Mending Circle was so nice. A great bunch of women hung out for two and a half hours darning, stitching, chatting, and snacking, and it was truly a chill vibe. We had people who were picking up a needle and thread for the first time, people who were “re-weaving” fabrics that had worn away, and a grapefruit used as a darning egg. The best news of all was that Cindy from the freegans was there, and she offered to host the Jan 16th Sewing Rebellion meeting at Spacecraft, so it will happen after all! Cristina and Stella (the Spacecraft ladies) will also be around to help with your sewing needs. Thanks everyone for chipping in and helping these meetings continue. I’ve posted some pics of the Mending Circle below to tempt those who didn’t come out this time. Check the TAC blog for more info on the special February Mending Circle (Hint: it has to do with fashion week). And now, the promised pics…