On Collaboration

Thank goodness for collaboration. Fist, Cindy from the Freegans hosted our January Sewing Rebellion meeting with Cristina and Stella from Spacecraft while I went home to Peru (pics below), and then Isa and Owyn from the Textile Arts Center planned the most bomb Mending Circle event ever, in honor of Fashion Week (hint: we are one of many forms of mending represented, and I’ll be abandoning you all for at least 30 minutes at the SR applique table to go silkscreen over some stains). I’ll be at both Mending Circle (Feb 13, 1-5 pm) and Sewing Rebellion (Feb 20, 4-6:30 pm) this month, and I hope to see you there as well. Here’s to skillshares!


One Response to “On Collaboration”

  1. jesse.anne.o Says:

    Hey there! I took some pictures @ the Sunday mending circle and I’ve uploaded them here:


    I haven’t yet done a post on the event on my blog but I should be doing so soon. Please feel free to use the pictures you want.

    If you can’t get to them (they’re set with open permissions but a few people have had issues seeing them lately), let me know.

    Jesse O.

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