Spring, color, sewing, what more could you want?

OK, so there was that one 70 degree day and now we’re back to the 50s, but it’s sunny and the birds are singing expectantly, and spring is just around the corner. In what can only be described as a really awesome coincidence, the Hindu holiday Holi (the spring festival of color) falls on March 20 this year, so I have changed up my wardrobe a bit. For those of you who don’t know me, in true new yorker style I almost exclusively rock the color black. Also, I’m an art teacher, and you’d be amazed how dirty black clothes can get before you see any real damage. But today I’m decked in orange, yellow, gold and green. Still all earth tones, but a girl’s gotta walk before she can run, right? So wear some color to our Sewing Rebellion meeting today. We’ll be at Spacecraft, and we’ve been talking about giving demos at the beginning of every meeting, so come share your ideas for what you want demos of, volunteer to demo something, and so on and so forth. See you there! 4pm. Spacecraft. You heard it here first (unless you subscribe to the Spacecraft mailing list, then you probably heard it here second).


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