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Mending as art

July 22, 2011







The Museum where I work will soon exhibit the first artwork by a participatory artist since I’ve been here, and so I’ve been doing a bit of research (otherwise known as internet stalking). Lee Mingwei has been creating works meant for engagement for years, graduating Yale in 1997 with a MFA in Sculpture, and exhibiting at the Whitney and the Fabric Workshop as early as 1998. Though the project I should be learning about is not one of Mingwei’s fabric works, I admit I got a bit side tracked when I stumbled upon projects such as The Fabric of Memory and The Mending Project (scroll down the bar on the left of the webpage to browse images and descriptions of all his projects). I encourage all to take up my internet “research” and check his work out. I haven’t seen anything this cool since Nadia Myre’s Scar Project.


Cindy is awesome (and there will be SR on Sun)

July 13, 2011

Just a heads up- there WILL be SR on Sunday (I’m writing this via a new post and not a comment so it ends up being sent to all your inboxes) Cindy will take my place at SR on Sunday. Also, for those of you looking for some instruction, Frau Fiber has uploaded a ton of PDF sewing instructions to her site, and they’ll be making their way to ours soon. Feel free to download, print out, and bring to SR to practice. So, for uptown folks, come applique with me, for downtown folks, take the L to chill with Cristina, Cindy and sewing machines.


This Sunday

July 12, 2011

So, as I mentioned, I’ll be WAY uptown this Sunday, but I wanted to put a call out to see if anyone else was down to host the SR meetup at Spacecraft while I’m teaching applique up in Harlem. Any takers?? I think it’s a bit more important to have the sewing machines at your disposal than it is to have me there watching you sew. 😉

No Mending Circle in July

July 6, 2011

Hey folks, just checking in to say there will be no Mending Circle in July (as in, this Thursday) and that in leiu of Sewing Rebellion at Spacecraft on July 17th I will be teaching an open (free!) workshop in Harlem with the Laundromat Project on basic hand applique  techniques (and maybe we’ll throw in some embroidery stuff as well). We’ll be at 143 West 116th Street from 12-3.

Also, an early heads up that August Mending Circle (at TAC) will meet on Sunday, Aug 7th. The lovely Isa will be teaching us how to use natural dyes to cover up those small fabric stains that life in a city bequeaths us.