Cindy is awesome (and there will be SR on Sun)

Just a heads up- there WILL be SR on Sunday (I’m writing this via a new post and not a comment so it ends up being sent to all your inboxes) Cindy will take my place at SR on Sunday. Also, for those of you looking for some instruction, Frau Fiber has uploaded a ton of PDF sewing instructions to her site, and they’ll be making their way to ours soon. Feel free to download, print out, and bring to SR to practice. So, for uptown folks, come applique with me, for downtown folks, take the L to chill with Cristina, Cindy and sewing machines.



4 Responses to “Cindy is awesome (and there will be SR on Sun)”

  1. garrett phelan Says:

    will there be a chapter in rochester, ny? garrett

  2. garrett phelan Says:

    I’ve never sewn anything in my life. I’ll be 70 in a month, yikes! I’m extremely gregarious and all that but…how do I start a sewing club/circle/school/whatever?? And do I really want to take all this on? Again, yikes!! Garrett

    • sewingrebellionnyc Says:

      Hi Garrett. My ma calls 70 year olds “young men”. Check out Sewing Rebellion National (link on the right) for info on how to start a chapter. It’s pretty easy, and the new changes should make it even easier.

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