September FYI

Hi All,

On Sunday, September 11, 6-9pm, Isa is making time to mend with us and show us how to use natural dyes to cover stains. She doesn’t really have much spare time, and is carving out a precious few hours just for us, so I think we can return the favor and let her know how many of us to expect so she can plan accordingly and not rush around, yes? Mending Circle is kinda not a rush around kind of thing… So could you all RSVP here if you’re gonna try and make it?

And SR proper will be on the 18th. Same SR time. Same SR place. And one SR visitor is making a puppet, so that’s pretty much the coolest project I’ve seen come around.


2 Responses to “September FYI”

  1. Lila Tedesco Says:

    I would like to come, but I have never been before. where is it?

    • sewingrebellionnyc Says:

      It will be at The Textile Arts Center, 505 Carroll St in Park Slope. R train to Union is only two blocks away.

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