Fall Updates









We had such a wonderful Mending Circle with Isa! It really made me reflect on the value of the partnership between SR and TAC that is Mending Circle. We could never have done something like that on our own.

It was so wonderful, in fact, that I flat forgot to take any pictures of the goings on, involved as I was with dying things in onion skins and rusty nails and old wine and watching people remake pants and re-drape neck lines and all that. So if anyone has any pics of last night’s MC would you please send them to sewingrebellionnyc@gmail.com? I’ll post them here as a follow up.

Isa and I also got to talking about what to do for the upcoming Mending Circles. For next time (October 6) we’re thinking of having a clothing swap, with needles, thread, sewing machines open to all to fix the “new” clothes they find in the mix. There is a trick to this particular swap though, and it has to do with swapping stories as much as swapping clothes. Will post more about it as the date creeps closer.

We’re also hoping to have a darning demo in November (as we pull those moth nibbled garments from storage and realize we have some work to do before the real winter cold hits). Here’s the issue: neither of us know how to darn super well. Anyone out there who would be open to sharing your awesome darning skills?

As far as SR meetings at Spacecraft, the next one is THIS SUNDAY the 18th, and we’ll be talking about how to “read” a sewing pattern, and why all those crazy symbols are written all over it. It really is like another language, but it’s a easy language. So if you have an easy pattern that you’re struggling with bring it along and we’ll decode it.

That’s all for now, see you Sunday.


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