Trade You

I’ve been preparing to teach a class in interactive art in October, and so I’ve been thinking a lot about… well…interactions that involve art. And lo, just when my mind is heading down a specific road, in steps The Laundromat Project, one of my favorite NY public art organizations, to ask if SR would be able to help them find more volunteers for their ever growing projects. Now this is where the story gets super cool. Artist Heather Hart is participating in the DUMBO Arts Festival with a project called Barter Town, a follow up to her Trading Post piece from 2009. Barter Town is exactly what you would expect: a place constructed around bartering. That means no money. Participants and visitors can trade skills for skills, goods for skills, and so on. So SR will be combining our skills with the LP’s resources (we have sewing knowledge, they have LOTS of embroidery thread, some needles, and small bags). We will be offering these embroidery kits- or the service of someone decoratively embroidering the rip or tear in your clothing-  in exchange for volunteer hours at one of the LP’s sites. So this is both a call to stop by and visit us at Barter Town, and a call to help me put together some embroidery kits. We have one week people, the festival is on Sept. 24 & 25. So while I will do as promised and demo what those crazy symbols on the sewing pattern mean, I am also asking you to take 10 minutes out of our time on Sunday and help me make some kits. Or, even better, come join us at the festival and mend something for someone you’ve never met before. It will be fun. I promise I’ll teach you how.


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