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SR is in the news!

October 27, 2011

Check it out. 🙂


And view a whole bunch of sean’s great PHOTOS here:

a AP Caption Isa Rodrigues (center) teaches a dyeing class at the Brooklyn chapter of Sewing Rebellion


Mending Circle: The Great Clothing Swap

October 26, 2011

Date: Thursday, November 3, 6-9pm

Location: Textile Arts Center. 505 Carroll St. in Park Slope. Two blocks from the R train stop at Union St., or a 15 minute walk from Atlantic station.

Instructions: Please bring clothing that you would be proud to pass on (aka, no old sweats, unless they are super comfy) and clothing that has a story. The story can be simple, eg. “I love this dress but am making peace with the fact that I really shouldn’t wear it anymore”, or complicated “This was the shirt I wore on my first outing with my ex, and I left it at their house ‘by accident’ and then…”.
Though you need not tell anyone which garments you brought, we will ask you to write out your story and attach it to the garments you bring so you can pass along the ‘life story’ with the physical object. In order to make sure we have enough to go around, please take no more clothes than you bring.

Extras: As with every Mending Circle, sewing machines, hand sewing needles, thread, scissors, etc. will be provided free for your use. So if what you find is almost perfect but needs to be taken in, or out, or up, or needs pockets, we can do that too.

Want to know more about Mending Circle?

Changing Seasons

October 15, 2011

Dear SR NY folks,

With the changing seasons comes news of change. While the Mending Circle will continue to meet on the first Thursday of the month, Sewing Rebellion @ Spacecraft has to go on hiatus for a while unless someone (ideally someone who lives in North Brooklyn) can take up the mantle of host for a few months. Between the L train only running when it wants to and my growing need to spend my Sundays in the studio to meet deadlines, I’m not going to be able to make it north until the spring. That said, SR has always been an “us thing” rather than a “me thing”, and I would be happy to work with anyone interested to keep our third Sunday sessions open to those who want to meet. You can comment here or email at Here’s hoping with fingers crossed.


This Thursday’s Mending Circle

October 5, 2011

Hi All,

We were planning to host this awesome clothing swap tomorrow but, due to various distractions like a never ending decentralized protest I’m sort of entranced by, we neglected to promote it at the level we would need to to get the most out of a clothes swap (you know how those things work- the more people and the more clothing the better).

So we’re postponing the swap one month and tomorrow, in solidarity with the folks on wall street who don’t have sewing machines, we’ll be demoing quick fixes that you can do using hand sewing. There will be machines available for use as always, and Isa and I will be planning the rest of the year’s MCs, so swing by with ideas or post suggestions here. I’ll make a flier for the NOVEMBER MC/clothing swap soon, and will post it in south and north Brooklyn.

p.s. if anyone knows how to darn, please please come by tomorrow. We get constant requests for darning demos but I’m pretty bad at it, so if you are a master darner your services are much in demand.

Occupy Wall Street

October 1, 2011

I signed on to post a reminder about the clothing swap coming up, but what I’m actually going to do is post a question.

If I were to go sit and mend things for free at the Wall Street Protests on Monday, would anyone want to join me?