This Thursday’s Mending Circle

Hi All,

We were planning to host this awesome clothing swap tomorrow but, due to various distractions like a never ending decentralized protest I’m sort of entranced by, we neglected to promote it at the level we would need to to get the most out of a clothes swap (you know how those things work- the more people and the more clothing the better).

So we’re postponing the swap one month and tomorrow, in solidarity with the folks on wall street who don’t have sewing machines, we’ll be demoing quick fixes that you can do using hand sewing. There will be machines available for use as always, and Isa and I will be planning the rest of the year’s MCs, so swing by with ideas or post suggestions here. I’ll make a flier for the NOVEMBER MC/clothing swap soon, and will post it in south and north Brooklyn.

p.s. if anyone knows how to darn, please please come by tomorrow. We get constant requests for darning demos but I’m pretty bad at it, so if you are a master darner your services are much in demand.


One Response to “This Thursday’s Mending Circle”

  1. Brandy Davis Says:

    Hey there, I am a bit late but would like to participate in this if it happens again. let me know! Thanks!!

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