Mending Circle: The Great Clothing Swap

Date: Thursday, November 3, 6-9pm

Location: Textile Arts Center. 505 Carroll St. in Park Slope. Two blocks from the R train stop at Union St., or a 15 minute walk from Atlantic station.

Instructions: Please bring clothing that you would be proud to pass on (aka, no old sweats, unless they are super comfy) and clothing that has a story. The story can be simple, eg. “I love this dress but am making peace with the fact that I really shouldn’t wear it anymore”, or complicated “This was the shirt I wore on my first outing with my ex, and I left it at their house ‘by accident’ and then…”.
Though you need not tell anyone which garments you brought, we will ask you to write out your story and attach it to the garments you bring so you can pass along the ‘life story’ with the physical object. In order to make sure we have enough to go around, please take no more clothes than you bring.

Extras: As with every Mending Circle, sewing machines, hand sewing needles, thread, scissors, etc. will be provided free for your use. So if what you find is almost perfect but needs to be taken in, or out, or up, or needs pockets, we can do that too.

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2 Responses to “Mending Circle: The Great Clothing Swap”

  1. lisanne Says:

    I was wondering if the leftover clothes get donated or recycled somehow?

    • sewingrebellionnyc Says:

      Leftover clothes from clothing swaps either get donated to a shelter, to non-profit projects, or traded for sewing supplies for the group.

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