Reflections: where do we go from here?

Sewing Rebellion-NYC went through a lot of changes at the end of 2011. First there was the closing of our beloved Spacecraft (a closing that was bittersweet, however, as it came partly due to the lovely Cristina of Spacecraft having a second kid, whom I will sew with someday). The Textile Arts Center became so popular that they expanded their classes to meet demand, and Mending Circle became one of a number of groups sharing space on Thursday nights.

All this led to some reflection at the beginning of 2012. We’ve been going strong since June of 2009, two and a half years, and it might be time for a check in. What is our mission? Are we doing the right things to realize it? Should we keep meeting regularly or focus on bigger events to reach more people? Should we do more research and writing, or let it be about building skills and spreading what we know? Do we want instructors? What sort of group do we want to be?

This Thursday, January 5th, will be the last time the Mending Circle meets on the traditional first Thursday of the month at TAC. When we meet this month, in the midst of sewing machines and sock darning, I’ll ask for your ideas, feedback, and thoughts on SR. A lot is changing, and we’ll change with it, so you tell me: where do we go from here?


One Response to “Reflections: where do we go from here?”

  1. Says:

    “Reflections: where do we go from here? ” was indeed certainly pleasurable and insightful!
    Within todays universe that’s tough to deliver.
    Thanks, Kattie

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