Call to Commemorate


Infiltrate contemporary garment manufacturing by commemorating the Triangle Shirt Fire of 1911. 101 years ago, the US garment industry was rocked by a factory fire which killed 146 workers. This tragedy transformed the garment industry in the United States forever and it was the catalyst for establishing the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.

Fast forward 101 years, garment workers earn less today, then their counterparts in 1911, and fires continue to break out around the world in Bangladesh, China, and India.

Take the plight of the garment worker to the streets!

Stencil a contemporary “shirtwaist”, IE t-shirts, made in Bangladesh, China or India with one of the following questions:

In your factory, are the doors locked?
In your factory, are the windows barred?
In your factory, are the elevators locked?
In your factory, do you have access to fire escapes?

On Sunday March 25 for a 12 hours shift, wear the stenciled t-shirt, go shopping at the Gap, Forever 21 or H&M, and start a conversation with anyone who reacts to your shirt. Use this opportunity to INFORM, EDUCATE and ACT!

-Frau Fiber


One Response to “Call to Commemorate”

  1. brigid harmon Says:

    An interesting means of protest. Just wanted to note that the Triangle Fire was not a catalyst for the creation of the ILGWU. That organization was created many years earlier and was a large part of the strikes of 1909 when garment workers walked out in protest to poor conditions and low wages

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