From the Freegans

Hi folks,

Just wanted to make you aware that Cindy, who many of you know from SR meetings, passed along this post about her freegan brunch and mending circle, and all are invited. Here’s the info:

Mending Brunch!

Sunday, March 25th, at 1pm

Part sewing workshop, part freegan feast, we’ll gather to eat good freegan (and vegan) breakfast-y type foods and then will spend the afternoon sharing skills and getting some mending done! We’ll have one machine to work with, hand sewing supplies, and a bunch of crochet and craft supplies available, as well as our combined knowledge and encouragement to keep each other going! Bring your mending or sewing projects and ideas. There is also a big pot with a possibility of experimenting some cloth dyeing – so if anyone has a bunch of red onion skins or some other freegan or wild dye materials, let me know! 
Some of the food prep will be done before, but people can also bring freegan and vegan food to share or prepare. It will be at my home out in the Rockaways – accessible by mass transit, but a trek for sure – but if it’s nice you can add a trip to the beach and make a day of it! 
RSVP to this email, or to Janet at (347) 724-6954 – and we’ll get you the address and directions.
See you then!
Darn it! My first darned sock turned out darn good!

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