Alternative Education

There are two ways to learn things:

1. Have someone teach you (ideally at your request)

2. Teach yourself (yea internet!)

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 9.47.45 PM




As far as #2, you may have realized that I seem to be posting more and more seldom(ly?) on this site. While there is definitely a part me me that feels guilty about this, another part of me sees it as an opportunity to pass the privilege, as it were. Anyone who has a sewing  or garment worker related post they would like to add can email it to I’ll happily post it and link to whatever profile page you provide, or just credit you by name if you prefer.

For those of you who would rather take a class, I recently stumbled onto Unincorporated Education. I can’t even begin to tell you how fun they are, or how many sewing/textile classes they have going at any given moment. I can simply provide the link, and advise you to check it out.

As for #1, I just wanted to once again extol the never ending usefulness of Instructables. Like this one. Any other DIY video-teaching sites I should know about?

Stay Awesome,



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