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My Secret Life

July 3, 2013

Some of you may know that in my secret life, my 9-5 identity as it were, I work at (with?) museums. These days I commute to the Metropolitan Museum every day to work in their ┬ánew Studio Programs department (we’ve almost been here a year!). As part of that job I also teach studio courses for adults, quick “taste of” sort of things, and I just wanted to let you know about an upcoming one. On July 20 & 27th, we are going to blow through DIY stencil and screen printing skills in two days. So for any of you who have always wanted to screenprint at home (or who know someone who has), this class may be a way to explore that. Now, I usually have a strict policy of only printing free stuff on here, and this class comes with a fee, but I’ve done some research and it’s WAY cheaper than screenprinting classes I’ve found, and also way less of a time/supplies expense commitment. Also, I will be positing an upcoming “activation” involving weavers at the Met, and that one is free. The program isn’t public yet so if I told you more I’d get in trouble, but stay tuned, we’re doing some fun stuff in the galleries these days.