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September FYI

August 30, 2011

Hi All,

On Sunday, September 11, 6-9pm, Isa is making time to mend with us and show us how to use natural dyes to cover stains. She doesn’t really have much spare time, and is carving out a precious few hours just for us, so I think we can return the favor and let her know how many of us to expect so she can plan accordingly and not rush around, yes? Mending Circle is kinda not a rush around kind of thing… So could you all RSVP here if you’re gonna try and make it?

And SR proper will be on the 18th. Same SR time. Same SR place. And one SR visitor is making a puppet, so that’s pretty much the coolest project I’ve seen come around.


Cindy is awesome (and there will be SR on Sun)

July 13, 2011

Just a heads up- there WILL be SR on Sunday (I’m writing this via a new post and not a comment so it ends up being sent to all your inboxes) Cindy will take my place at SR on Sunday. Also, for those of you looking for some instruction, Frau Fiber has uploaded a ton of PDF sewing instructions to her site, and they’ll be making their way to ours soon. Feel free to download, print out, and bring to SR to practice. So, for uptown folks, come applique with me, for downtown folks, take the L to chill with Cristina, Cindy and sewing machines.


No Mending Circle in July

July 6, 2011

Hey folks, just checking in to say there will be no Mending Circle in July (as in, this Thursday) and that in leiu of Sewing Rebellion at Spacecraft on July 17th I will be teaching an open (free!) workshop in Harlem with the Laundromat Project on basic hand applique  techniques (and maybe we’ll throw in some embroidery stuff as well). We’ll be at 143 West 116th Street from 12-3.

Also, an early heads up that August Mending Circle (at TAC) will meet on Sunday, Aug 7th. The lovely Isa will be teaching us how to use natural dyes to cover up those small fabric stains that life in a city bequeaths us.

Off to Figment!

June 11, 2011

Two hours away from getting on the ferry and it looks like rain. No matter, we have a tarp to cover our patchwork blanket, and maybe over the next 12 hours of sewing we’ll make it into a tent to keep us dry. I’m bringing a bunch of stuff I’ve been meaning to mend and my teaching brain. Here’s to the feeling of accomplishment when a non-sewer sews their first seam or puts their first button back on! Come mend, sew, hang out, explore. Come join us at Figment on Governor’s Island.



May 14, 2011

Alert! I have to work tomorrow. Sadness. In terms of why I’m sharing, what it means for you all is that I can’t host SR. If some superhero steps up to host in my stead just comment here (and call Spacecraft to let Cristina know (718- 599-2718)). If no one can host, I’m afraid we have to cancel this month, and I’ll see you all in June. As for June Mending Circle, it will be meeting on Governors Island as part of Figment 2011, instead of the first Thursday at Textile Arts Center. Sorry for the last minute alerts all, but you know no one in NY really works just 40 hours. ;/


April 7, 2011

Lord knows I am (like, see how I am only just posting about TONIGHT’S Mending Circle now?). Between teaching classes, taking classes, scheduling errands, running errands, and brainstorming (brain hurricaning? brain tornadoing?) I am seriously in need of some mental mending, and my dress could use a bit of care as well. So join us at mending circle tonight, Thursday the 7th from 6:30-9pm, to decompress with a needle and thread. I think I will pick up some chocolate on the way…

In other news, this month, due to some weird calendar thing, our Sewing Rebellion meeting is only one week after Mending Circle, on Sunday April 17th. So don’t stress if you start something tonight and don’t finish it, you can just come hang next week. In fact don’t stress at all, for any reason. Just sew.

March Mending Circle

February 27, 2011

It feels like we just held February’s Mending Circle at the Textile Arts Center, but it’s already time for the March gathering. I was so happy to have experienced menders among our ranks at the last meeting; it truly became a skill share, with everyone helping everyone else. Come join us again on March 3 for some hopeful spring mending. If you mend it, warmth will come.

On Collaboration

February 4, 2011

Thank goodness for collaboration. Fist, Cindy from the Freegans hosted our January Sewing Rebellion meeting with Cristina and Stella from Spacecraft while I went home to Peru (pics below), and then Isa and Owyn from the Textile Arts Center planned the most bomb Mending Circle event ever, in honor of Fashion Week (hint: we are one of many forms of mending represented, and I’ll be abandoning you all for at least 30 minutes at the SR applique table to go silkscreen over some stains). I’ll be at both Mending Circle (Feb 13, 1-5 pm) and Sewing Rebellion (Feb 20, 4-6:30 pm) this month, and I hope to see you there as well. Here’s to skillshares!

The launch of a mending circle

January 7, 2011

The first Mending Circle was so nice. A great bunch of women hung out for two and a half hours darning, stitching, chatting, and snacking, and it was truly a chill vibe. We had people who were picking up a needle and thread for the first time, people who were “re-weaving” fabrics that had worn away, and a grapefruit used as a darning egg. The best news of all was that Cindy from the freegans was there, and she offered to host the Jan 16th Sewing Rebellion meeting at Spacecraft, so it will happen after all! Cristina and Stella (the Spacecraft ladies) will also be around to help with your sewing needs. Thanks everyone for chipping in and helping these meetings continue. I’ve posted some pics of the Mending Circle below to tempt those who didn’t come out this time. Check the TAC blog for more info on the special February Mending Circle (Hint: it has to do with fashion week). And now, the promised pics…

winter updates (update)

December 15, 2010

Hi all, Rebecca has graciously offered her home for us to meet in. The address is 237 south 4th st. apt 2a. There’s no buzzer, so give her a call when you arrive at (203) 536-0504. We’ll still be meeting from 4-6:30, and we’ll have 1 working sewing machine, which she says folks are welcome to use, and one broken sewing machine, which we’ll be attempting to fix. So come with hand needles or the desire to figure out how to fix a sewing machine. 🙂 and anyone who is down to host January (at Spacecraft) let me know. Thanks Rebecca.